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Finders keepers ...
After a lull in roadside treasure today was bountiful indeed. First, halfway up one of our more strenuous climbs, a sponge for the washing of cars, brand new and still in its plastic wrapper. It's a good big 'un, should easily cope with my tiny Vauxhall. And, as I regularly wash the thing at least once every year, it should see me out.

And then, to add to my haul, a small Philips screwdriver with a transparent handle. I do so love a transparent handle.
And now a tale to warm the hearts of those who cannot bring themselves to gather up free bounty from the roadside.

So, there I was, pedalling lightly along one of my favourite lanes, the sun shining and the breeze too light to ruffle my hair. Up ahead a small white patch on the tarmac slowly morphs into one of those flexible magnetic signs that adorn tradesmen's vehicles. Now I love these, turned upside-down they are brilliant on the workbench for stopping ball bearings and other tiny bits and bobs from flying off into space. So naturally I stopped and picked it up; but where to carry it? No jacket pockets on this warm day and no string to tie it into a roll. Needs must and so I stuffed it into the back of my shorts, where it commenced to uncurl itself over the next ten miles and give me a monster blister on the bum.

To cap it all my lady declined the opportunity to apply some soothing cream to the area, saying the last occasion she agreed to such an offer resulted in child Number 3. What a memory.
Blowing a gale here today - tomorrow's looking like a duvet day too Sad

How old's child #3? Smile
(04-23-2022, 03:48 PM)OETKB-YENTC Wrote: Blowing a gale here today - tomorrow's looking like a duvet day too Sad

How old's child #3? Smile

She is a blooming forty-six*, but looks years younger.

* I reserve the right to be a year or two out, it's a man thing.
Front mudguard this morning, abandoned by a tired cyclist? Lovely condition except for one broken fixing which I shall repair with my advanced bodgers' toolbox.
I never find owt on the road but litter Confused
I used to be like you JR but then I met Alan, a Scotsman (of course), who made it his business to wander the streets of Edinburgh with his head down, searching for goodies. He reckoned that it would be a poor day if he didn't find at least one fiver. I listened to his stories and determined that, when we got home, I too would dedicate my life to cleaning up the environment and making myself richer at no effort.
Twenty years later and here I am, at least forty pounds better off. So that went well then.
Unusual haul this morning as I dragged myself up a long, steep climb. There it was, nestled in the long grass, just before the bus stop. For the first and probably the only time in my long and undistinguished litter-picking career ....... a trade car number plate of the magnetic variety. Its red and white, probably fell off a demonstrator or a test drive vehicle and I'm putting it on our local social website to track down the owner. Shouldn't take long as there aren't that many car showrooms round here. Failing that I expect the local vehicle taxation office will point me in the right direction.

I'll call that my good turn for the week which will wipe my conscience clean of all the misdeeds I've accumulated lately.

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