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1st 50 miler of '21
Rode my first 50-mile ride of 2021 today Cool 
Gorgeous weather, just a wisp of wind, felt good to be out in shorts on the best bike Cool 

Knees were absolutely fine whilst out but are a bit stiff now Shy 

Planning on doing the Tom Simpson memorial route Easter Monday. My mate's been wanting to ride it for a while now. Nice flat route but usually very windy heading North alongside the Trent.
By coincidence I took my best bike out today and it felt just lovely. Mind you, some of the unexpected comfort was probably due to really soft tyres.
Didn't manage 50 but I enjoyed the hour I had.
Plans changed and we did the Wakefield Wheel.
I found out today that even mild offroad is not good for my knees and spent the last 5 miles of 37 in possibly the worst pain I've felt.There were points where I felt physically sick.
I think I'll stick to sub-30 miles until I get this sorted.
Oh dear JR, that doesn't sound good. I'm sure you are right to limit your exertions for a while, there are plenty of good years to come.
(04-05-2021, 04:20 PM)mike the bike Wrote: Oh dear JR, that doesn't sound good.  I'm sure you are right to limit your exertions for a while, there are plenty of good years to come.
It wasn't really 'proper' off road either mike!More 'gravel-type'(if you go for that term) stuff.Obviously harder on the body though.
RE 'Gravel' riding....I was on my Boardman Team CX bike and my mate and his lad were both on the newer marketed as a 'Gravel' bike.Sells bucket loads apparently Rolleyes Amazing what a bit of Marketing can do Big Grin
They have barely begun. You can now buy proper 'gravel' lycra; it looks just like normal lycra, although it carries a price premium, and probably has hidden and important qualities that no 'gravel' rider could manage without.

I'm waiting for a dedicated 'gravel' snot-wipe to hit the market; I shall be their first customer!
I saw some 'Gravel' shoes the other day.Absolutely no difference to MTB spd shoes...just don't tell the 'Gravelleurs' Wink
One of those rare days, today. Blue sky, bright sun, light winds and cool enough to stay, well, cool. The best bike seemed eager to go, I was ready to go and my lady, no doubt, was enthusiastic about some time on her own. And by happy accident my legs were fit for anything; slight climbs went unnoticed and steep ones were less trouble that usual.
Don't know if I reached the fifty but it won't have been far off; both Kit Kats disappeared and that's often the sign of a nice round number.
No doubt about it, summer is coming.
I did a virtual ride up Leith Hill in Surrey on the TDF bike Big Grin
I had planned on a real ride but the wife had other ideas.......  Rolleyes 
Did a rather nice walk round Old Moor,Bolton Ings and Broomhill/Gypsy Marsh with said wife and dog later on.It was very pleasantly warm late afternoon Cool

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